Parkour Ukemi with Amos Rendao


Parkour Ukemi with Amos Rendao

This is a ukemi seminar taught by Amos Rendao from Apex Movement. Amos is one of the most dedicated and talented parkour instructors my brother and I have met. Amos is always on the cutting edge for bringing new techniques and practices to his parkour instruction.

The first time I heard about Ukemi and it’s application with parkour was through Amos when we took a trip up to Apex Movement in Colorado. Ukemi is all about showing you how to fall properly and safely. Once you’ve trained these movements, they become natural and enable you to take falls safely without even thinking about it.

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Ukemi roughly translates as the “art of falling,” and is often seen in martial arts such as Aikido, Judo, and Brazilian Jiujitsu. This channel will explore the applicability of this art to Parkour and introduce techniques, drills, and methods to aid in adapting it.

This was more so an informational seminar about Ukemi (rather than an in depth look at techniques and methods) that I did back in the summer of 2011 at Parkour Vision’s National Summit.
Thanks to everyone who was there to learn/support, and especially to all the great people that make up Parkour Visions up in Seattle.

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Be sure to follow Amos and watch all of his tutorials by clicking on the links below!

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Train safe,

Jonathan Tapp


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  • Guest

    Ukemi is actually “receiving body” and I get unnecessarily frustrated when I see “the art of falling.” The art of falling is skydiving or maybe the guys who ride snowboards while skydiving.

    Ukemi is receiving (usually the ground or other surfaces) gracefully to reduce injury to your body.

    • disqus_9nu24ltJQN

      It’s true, the literal translation is “receiving body,” but in the context of Parkour, where you’re not dealing with an attacker, the loose translation of “The Art of Falling” is easier for westerners to understand, and captures the way in which ‘receiving body’ is actually experienced in Parkour. It would probably sound awkward and cause unnecessary confusion to say ‘Parkour Ukemi: The art of receiving the ground or other surfaces,” but I’m all ears if you think you have a clearer way to bring the literal translation to Parkour.
      Thanks for your perspective.