Safety Not Insanity In Parkour

Safety not Insanity

In parkour  “SAFETY” is one of the most important things we should understand.  A common misconception is parkour is all about taking HUGE risks, jumping off two-story buildings, flipping on concrete, and getting seriously injured.


This is understandable because this is what’s shown on TV and in the movies.  But this is far from what parkour is about!

Parkour is about you building physical strength, discipline, and confidence. All while having a community of positive people help you reach your goals.

We start off small and in our comfort zone and gradually progress. The learning process is similar to gymnastics; you don’t show up for you first day of training and jump on the highbars and start flipping around. No they have you build your flexibility, strength, and work on your front rolls and basic swing.  Then with time and training you gradually build into flips and other moves.

Learn The Techniques Properly

It is very important that we learn proper technique and form from the very start of our training. Training with bad technique can cause severe injuries and chronic long term injuries.

For example, with the basic landing you want to land with your joints stacked, on the balls of your feet,  absorb down with the knees and the hips (making sure the knees don’t go past 90 degrees), keep the back straight, and lean forward and absorb down with the hands if needed.

We mess up on any bit of the technique; say we land on our heels instead of the ball of the foot. All the force and pressure from the jump will not be absorbed properly and all that force will be sent through our body and in time, destroy it. Poor landing technique can cause back pain, bruised heels, slipped discs, and over time; chronic back pain.

You know those times when you miss a step at the end of a stair case and right when you make contact with the ground you feel an awkward jolt go through your body.  This is because we are not absorbing that force properly.  We land on our heel or flat-footed, don’t bend with the knee, and that force is sent straight through our leg into our spine and internal organs.

Now that jolt you feel from the step is only from a drop of 4 inches. Imagine taking a drop from 30X higher.

Yea…that kind of force with poor technique will cause SERIOUS damage. You will likely break a bone, blow out a knee, tear some ligaments or a trifecta of pain and do all 3!

So we need to learn proper technique and get it solid.  Train in a low risk environment at first (small edges, low drops, on grass or soft gym floor)

We want to train for our bodies to last decades not just a few years.

An easy way for you to learn the proper technique with parkour and prevent those chronic back, knee, and ankle injuries is to sign up for my FREE 5-Day Parkour Course:

In 5 days I break down the core essential parkour movements (Basic Landing, Parkour Roll, Safety Vault, Wall Run, and more).

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