Stress Training: Are You Training For A Real-Life Situation??

Stress Training

If you had to use parkour in a real-life situation today, would you succeed or FAIL?!

In this video I talk about Stress Training and why we must train this to succeed in a real parkour chase. When we find ourselves in a situation where we have to use parkour “for real” (ex. escaping a hacksaw murderer , saving a loved one from a burning building, chasing after a mugger, etc) our adrenaline will be pumping, our thinking will be distorted, breathe will be short, and we will get fatigued very quickly.

This is the type of situation we should be training for. If we do not train in these type of stressful situations from time to time. we will likely fail (get sawed into pieces, not save our loved one from the fire, or allow the mugger to escape) and that is not good. So in this video I talk about stress training in parkour and what we can do to prepare our bodies for this type of situation.

Train safe,


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