The Tapp Brothers “Get Fit” Challenge Documentary

The Tapp Brothers “Get Fit” Challenge Documentary

From Feb 22nd to March 23rd 2012 we set about staging an online ‘Get Fit Challenge’ in the hope of getting a few hundred people to sign up and take part, but very quickly we were swamped by a total of 2300 people from all over the world who got involved.

The intention was for participants to submit a before pic and over the month which followed, they’d be given a fitness evaluation, be advised on nutrition and exercise drills and from there, they’d go off to apply everything into their routines in the hope of transforming their bodies. At the end of that month they’d need to provide an after pic to show their progress and all would be judged to find the top 3. All the while a specific invite only Facebook page was running and everyone was encouraged to help with sharing tips, videos and general advice. The value of any help provided by the members would also be taken into account when the judging took place.

From the moment the challenge started, it became very clear that ‘winning’ wasn’t the focus. Instead, what happened organically, was that a very friendly community clicked into place where any progress that was made by anyone, was shared and celebrated in a very encouraging way.

This documentary goes some way to showing that with exercise, a well balanced diet, guidance and plenty of encouragement, it is possible to get out of any rut you may be stuck in and that changes for the better can definitely be made.

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  • The calming aspcet (for me) is the repetition that goes into perfecting your movement. You zone in and end up doing so much of the same thing, progressing towards cleaner movement.You don’t need any special equipment, all you need is shoes (kinda) and clothing that will let you move freely. The movements I’ll mention can be found at the site on the bottom. They’re considered basic, but you build on these for everything you do:Quadrupedal movement (quadrupedie)- It’s a general work out, but it also does a lot for your coordination. There are a lot of variations, some on rails if you want to work on balance. Get used to the fact that you can move with two hands.Cat grabs/traverses (hang shimmy) and climb ups- QM will do more for your triceps, quads, and abs, these will mainly work your forearms and biceps. Should get you used to climbing objects. Try climbing trees and moving on them as well.Precison jumps- It’s mainly your quads, but also works on your landing technique, balance, and strength to distance judgement capabilities. Find a spot with a good sized gap, something you can do, and repeat them.Balance- learning to move on narrow surfaces is essential for parkour. Practice it, get good at it.Vaults- these require the use of at least one hand, the shifting of your bodyweight, the leg power to get initial air, the coordination to judge distances and body position, and the arm power to carry through. There are many vaults out there, so take them one at a time. You might get them easily, you might not.Finding a spot for all this may be tricky. Look at playgrounds, and keep your eye open for places that may make your movement through them difficult. Don’t forget to look in forests, if you have any.

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