TLC’s Twintervention: Tapp Brothers Exposed

TLC Twintervention

Tapp Brothers Exposed

Well everyone finally gets a true look inside the life of “the brothers Tapp” ha. As you can see from the video above, my brother and I are letting all of the skeletons out of the closet and exposing all the “drama” that comes out of being twins who do parkour.

Here’s a short  write up from

“By Robert Philpot
Posted 12:24pm on Tuesday, Jun. 19, 2012

Thomas and Jonathan Tapp, twins from Denton, will be featured in Twintervention, a special about twins who take “inseparable” to a whole new level. From the release:

“With separation anxiety looming large, the cameras document what life is like when [twins’] bond binds too deep. This docu-special introduces three pairs of inseparable twins who struggle to find their own identities. Unable to live without each other, [they find] simple tasks such as grocery shopping and brushing their teeth … almost impossible for them to do independently.”

The Tapps are described as extreme athletes participating in Parkour who share clothes, a bedroom and even underwear. The other pairs featured are 24-year-old Los Angeles sisters who live together — although one is married and the other isn’t — and spend most of their waking hours together; and 38-year-old Chicago sisters who live in similar circumstances, and one’s husband isn’t happy about it.

Twintervention will air at 9 p.m. CDT June 27 on TLC. It’s being announced as a special, but as you’ll be able to see from this preview, there is plenty of fodder for a series.”

The show is going to be pretty entertaining for sure! They should be showing some clips of my bro and I doing some parkour too! To watch my bro and I on Twintervention, tune to TLC Wednesday June 27 at 9 p.m. CDT.

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