How To Do A Back Flip In Your Front Yard!

The secret technique to easily get your Back Flip down!

  • Jump Higher

    Detailed workouts to develop the muscle strength and coordination to jump higher and tuck tighter to do a back flip.

  • Overcome The Fear

    Simple techniques  to get over the fear of going backwards and upside down.

  • The Secret Technique To Backflip

    You get the hidden techniques and forms for learning the backflip with out a gym or spotter.

  • Fool Proof Technique

    Have a friend? You also learn the fool proof techniques and forms for learning the backflip if you have access to a spotter.

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Back Flip Off Walls ($27 Value Today You Get FREE!)

backflip-offwall-boxLearn the wall backflip. This one can be very scary and tricky if you don’t use the right techniques. This program breaks down all the small steps and the crucial body positioning to ensure you get your back flip off the wall right!

Back Flip Off Of Obstacles ($27 Value Today You Get FREE!)

backflipofffthingsdvdpackageLearn how to backflip off of ledges, boxes, tables, and any obstacle you can think of. The proper technique is crucial to getting your backflip off of things. Do it wrong and you will slam your head into the obstacle. In this program we go over the simple steps and technique to get your back flip off things and avoid injury.

How To Precision Back Flip ($27 Value Today You Get FREE!)

precisionbackflipdvdIn this program we go over how to do the precision back flip. You will learn how to back flip and land with pin point precision. Whether you want to back flip on beams, blocks, or tree stumps.  This course will enable you to have controlled precision with your back flip.
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getcutcoverPBOOK008One of our goals when we were in high school was to get ripped. We were pretty scrawny. We ran cross-country and played soccer. So gaining any weight or building muscle was really tough for us. We didn’t want to get big and bulky just have cut lean efficient muscle that looked great when we had our shirts off. A few years of research and testing we discovered a system of workouts that got us CUT, all without spending $ 100’s on ridiculous equipment or going to a smelly tool infested gym. 

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