Butterfly Kick/ B-Kick Tutorial: Learn This Simple Acro Move Today

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Today I’m showing you how to perform the butterfly kick or B-Kick. You might have seen this tricking move in martial arts movies.

The Butterfly kick is a great move for beginners just starting their acro training. It is one of the safer acrobatic flips because you do not have to go inverted and we can follow simple progressions steps to learn this move.

The Butterfly kick is a great prerequisite skill to learn before attempting B-Twists, Webster Sideflips, and Aerial flips.

If we take the time to train the Butterfly technique and master the landing we will gain a strong foundation for our future flips or acrobatics.

Train safe,

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  • Drew

    Thx for teaching this guys your definitely helping me with my parkour started a few months ago and you are by far the most helpful teachers

  • Nater 72 (Parkour and gaming)


  • Kobe Struffert

    can u teach me to do a backflip