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About The Tapps

whatispk2-article-265Hey Tapp Brothers here,

This is for those of you who want to know a little more about Learn More Parkour and the guys behind the site.

We are the Tapp Brothers (Identical twin brothers, Jonathan and Thomas Tapp). We have been training parkour and freerunning for quite a while now, since 2004. Through parkour and freerunning, we have been fortunate enough to do a lot of awesome things.

Perform in National and International commercials, teach PK/FR workshops around the U.S., perform in live shows for some of the biggest companies in the world, work on testing and product development for a new board, compete in the first Red Bull AOM competition in the U.S., work on awesome T.V. shows such as Castle and Surviving Jack, help with the stunts and course consulting for the big show American Ninja Warrior, and even join a circus for a little bit.

We've been fortunate enough to do all these things but believe it or not we started training parkour late in the game.

We were around 15 when we found out what parkour was and started messing around with it. And we didn't take it seriously until we were around 17. We had no background in gymnastics and for most of our lives we actually just played soccer and ran track a little bit.

We grew up in a small town in Texas. We didn't have access to a gym and didn't have anyone to learn from. We had to learn all the parkour and freerunning moves on our own with no instruction or gyms.

It took us a lot of trial and error (so a lot of bails and busting our ASS) to find out what systems worked for learning all these moves but we found a few that worked and worked really well.

That's one of the reasons why we made this site. We want to show you the techniques and skills we have learned over the years so you don't have to go through the same grueling trial and error process.

You can learn these parkour moves in days instead of weeks or months like we did.

We show you safe and easy ways to learn PK/FR moves.

Another reason why we made this site was when we searched around the net for tutorials over PK/FR and we couldn't find very much. There just wasn't a well made site, focused on learning parkour and freerunning with high quality content.

So our goal with this site is to provide you with high quality tutorials and articles that help you reach the next level with your skills and goals you have with PK/FR. We want the next generation that follows us to be 10X better and spread parkour and freerunning in a fun, positive light.


Jonathan and Thomas Tapp


  • misael anthonio

    tru …i cant buy that because i can’t afford it

  • Andre

    Hey there Jonathan & Thomas!

    I have watched your 5 days free training and i loved it!!
    I wanted to see more but it costs 27$ right? unfortantly I don’t own that kind of money (it is alot to me since I’m a student, and my parents are not the wealthiest people… )

    What I’m here asking for is a vouch copy of the program. What is it?
    Basicly you send me the program for free and i “test it”
    I’m pretty sure it will help me improve

    What’s in for you?
    After I see some improvements I will show my friends who like parkour but never actualy learned (like me) and tell them that i got this great Program at your website.

    Now it’s up to you.. I hope that you read this and like the idea..
    Thanks in heads up.

    PS: Excuse me for my poor english writing skills as it is not my mother language
    Cheers from portugal and keep it up with the good work!

    • Andrew Moore

      I don’t think Jonathan or Thomas will reply to anyone.

  • Isaac

    Do you guys ship physical DVDs I would like to get “The Human Flag” and “Get Your Back Flip” on DVD. Why I can’t just buy the online version is I live out in the country in Australia and we have don’t have broadband internet out here, SUCKS big time. I don’t mind paying the international shipping fees I reckon it would be around $20.


  • sameer rami

    I have read your article in “CRASH COURSE INTO PARKOUR” and i like the course
    but i need one more thing to be convinced
    i also watched most of your videos and i find it most useful … so what’s more in the course that i cant find in your youtube channel؟؟؟

    and can i get the course online??


  • Bruce Lee

    Hey guys I noticed when I bought the DVDs it gave me a recipe… But when will it get her? When does it usually?

  • Alexandre

    Hi Jonathan, how are you?
    My name is
    Alexandre and I’ m typing from Brazil. I’ m 36 years old and I’m looking
    for a serious tutorial program in parkour technics.
    interested in your program, but I have some doubts. I need some beginner
    tutorial exercise program in real time… is it in the program?

    I’m waiting your answer.

    Thank you.

    • Andrew Moore

      Yes beginner tutorials are included!

  • Tanner Formhals

    Jonathan and Thomas,
    I keep a strict physical regimen. I work my core and arms on Monday, work my legs and do a light cardio exercise on Tuesday, work my core and arms again on Wednesday, work only my legs on Thursday, work only my core on Friday, and perform only cardio on Saturday. I use a bowflex and dumbbells for most of my arm and leg exercises. The only body weight exercises i use are push ups and dips. I am in good overall shape but i would like to develop the speed and flexibility for parkour. I have a few vaults down and have learned how to efficiently scale walls a little taller than myself. But I’m worried that I won’t be able to keep my current physical regimen and practice parkour. I think that might do more harm than good to my body.

    How can I balance my current exercise program with parkour training and be successful? Should I change my current program or can I keep it and still become proficient in parkour?

    • ParkourTroubles

      I worked with P90x a little bit and I know how tough it can be to do two things at once since I also had sports going on. My advice is to switch some of or one of your workouts to plylometric traning. Just search “Plyometrics training” on the internet, or just spread out the days between your workouts. You may wanna just try practicing less per day and more every day. Say 10-15 minutes per day, or until your tired. Just remember parkour revolves around your life, not your life revolving around parkour. Also don’t overwork yourself!!!!

      • Andrew Moore

        YEP! Plyo is great!

  • kaveh

    Hi Tapp Brothers. Im typing from IRAN. here in iran there is so many guys realy love parkour and freeruning and they do it very good. i am 18 and i start to learning parkour from 6 month ago. i learn kong vault, speed vault, Tic Tac, Parkour roll and etc from your videos. please say us how to do sideflip?

  • Rae Treadway

    i want to kno everything about parkouir and free running i want to learn everything u guys have to offer. what all do i need to do to started?

    • Andrew Moore

      Just get started is all it takes =). If you maybe learn the safety or basic vault then progress to wall runs, precisions, and so on, that’s starting. Nothing is required. But I recommend wearing pants, and tennis shoes. Don’t spend money until you know you love it!

  • ParkourTroubles

    Hi I am about 13 and I was balancing while walking on a 1 inch beam 5 ft in the air and I slipped. I am now to scared to do it even though I only hurt a finger.

    • Andrew Moore

      Don’t get scared. This is last thing you want to start doing if you like parkour/free running. Fear is only supposed to be a reminder not to be reckless, and to be aware of the consequences of improperly executing a move. You will get hurt when doing parkour or free running. I can guarantee it. Only do what you are capable of. Maybe try watching People in Motion on YouTube its a parkour documentary that’s a little under an hour. It helped me with fear and inspired me.
      Keep doing parkour!
      -Andrew M.

  • Syed Ashyum

    Tapp Brothers, Accept this token of appreciation— ♥♥♥♥♥
    Anyways, Awesome, Great Like Always.

  • Elias

    Do you know some good parkour guy’s in Norway?

  • William N Williams

    I got your five day course loved it but didnt have the money for the course now i do how can i get the course?

  • Jonatan Benguira

    do you sell the full crash course on DVDs ? I would like to buy it


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    Incidentally lessons that are offered by you is very accurate, and this goes back to your excellence on the school PARKOUR in the Internet, Thanks very much, and we are waiting for more and more about PARKOUR. Kind Regards ツ

  • Angel saenz

    Hey so I’m 15 and I was wondering if you guys sold parkour DVDs for under 20$. I really enjoy watching your guys videos on YouTube. But if you can answer me back at angelsaenz159@gmail.com 🙂 thank you

  • nate

    Hey man, my name is Nate an my friend and I are trying to learn parkour. We are both 15. I run cross country and whenever i mention parkour to any of my friends they automatically think about all that fake make-fun stuff. We are having trouble getting started and up and on our way. I signed up for the 5 day course and i have all of those emails saved. I as wondering if you had any tips to help us get up and running since we live in a pretty small town. I always get frustrated when I practice because =
    I always feel like I just look like a complete amateur and I never feel like Im making progress. Any tips for that as well?

  • The Belle Maria

    I wanna ask about ” the crash course into parkour ” can I learn it at home ?? another question : I’m from egypt and I’m 14 years old so I want to ask can you take the 57$ with another ways , cause I haven’t PayPal and mom refuses to connect her visa with the internet . I hope you to find any another ways to take the course money cause I’m in love with parkour but no one care about it in Cairo , but I can convert the money into a bank account realistic I funds will convert Egyptian pounds is equal to 57$ or send the money by cashU or western union or WIN card so that’s the options I can pay by .
    hope you replying soon 🙂

  • grenson

    Hi guys,

    I’ve purchased the crash course through PayPal, but haven’t yet received the materials.

    Could I get some help with this issue? I’ve tried emailing but haven’t heard anything back. Very eager to get started.

    I can be contacted at grenson@gmail.com


    • Jesse

      Hey man, I was just wondering if you ever got it?
      I just bought mine today.

      • grenson

        Hey mate, I ended up emailing Jonathan Tapp directly, and he sent me a link to the account signup page. His email address is jt_tapp_9@hotmail.com.

        • Jesse

          Oh, great man! Thank you!
          I emailed the one listed above and we’re getting things sorted out now.
          I appreciate your reply back! 🙂

  • zion


  • zion

    ha ha ha

  • zion


  • da

    hey guys i wish you are fine and i thank you very much for what you did for me and i did not know how i can give it back and i am asking if there is any competition on the internet which we can join it from all over the world

  • Cotne Tskitishvili

    hi Tapp brothers I am typing from Georgia, Tbilisi, my name is Cotne and I am 13 years old. I started parkour 4 months ago and I have realy learned something from you. every morning I was watching your parkour and fitness tutorials on youtube and I learned loads of PK stuff, my muscles are now more ripped and I have six packs even… There my friends and my twin brother realy love parkour and we are supporting you, you guys are cool thank you for parkour tutorials and stay being cool!

  • Mahmud Mahmad

    I want a help I’ve tried to learn parkour about three years, but I could not learn because my family did not support me, and when I found this site I learned a little but there is this package In Home Parkour Fitness I can not buy them because my family refused to give me money Please help me and I will be thankful to you

    This email my mahmudmahmad21@gmail.com

  • Hannah

    Hey guys, I’ve been doing parkour for a few months now (going pretty nicely ^^) and I do your morning stretching routine and that really helps me with stress. I get your newsletters and everything and love them. But I was wondering… what do you guys do before bed? I really struggle with winding down and relaxing at night (I’m a definite night owl, but I’d rather have a day-oriented schedule), like I always end up distracted by youtube or whatever until ungodly hours of the morning – and if I don’t get in bed until like 3, 4 or even 5 am, I end up having a nighttime anxiety attack, and shake so hard I never get to sleep. :/ So I was wondering what you guys do for the hours before bedtime, to help yourselves get sleepy? Thanks!

    • Senak Risthfon

      i know this has been up a few months, but i would recommend doing some light stretching as well as all of your breathing exercises before bed, and perhaps shower at night as well. its worth trying to read intstead of watch a screen as well

  • Aslak Kristensen

    Is there any chance that you can resend the 5 day parkour course? when i try it tells me that ive already got the email and that i have to wait 5-15 minutes ive gotten all of the 5 days but my siss deleted them.